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This community includes faculty scholarship, creative works, and learning objects created by Cal Poly Pomona's College of Letters, Arts, and Social Sciences faculty. Additionally, this community includes student projects for which the individual faculty member was an advisor. To browse a particular faculty member's profile, click on the faculty member's department name below.


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Recent Submissions

  • Lovelace, Leopoldo (Boletín del Ministerio de Justicia, 1995-06-25)
    El artfculo que se publica en el presente numero def Boletfn constituye un estudio preliminar que plantea las bases para elaborar un concepto integrado de la justicia penal internacional como sistema. El autor considera ...
  • Lovelace, Leopold (Harvard Asia Quarterly, 2000-06-02)
    In 1949 the civil war in China concluded as a matter of fact with the complete control of mainland by the armies of the Communist Party, which established the People’s Republic (PRC). The nationalist army made itself ...
  • Lovelace, Leopold (IPSA World Congress, 2000-08-01)
    The concept of sovereignty designates an institution of supreme rule which seems common to all politically organized peoples throughout history. Every people since the ancient polities to the most recently constituted ...
  • Lovelace, Leopold (International Studies Association Annual Convention, 2001-02-24)
    A new interest in Africa has generated increasing microscopic analyses and studies of its constitutional problems from the contexts of observation of different social sciences and from interdisciplinary approaches. My own ...
  • Lovelace, Leopold (Arms Control and Disarmament Committee, American Branch of the International Law Association, 2014-10-24)
    A year after President Barack Obama's Prague speech of April 2009 announced his concept of a world without nuclear weapons1 -and a few days before the Global Nuclear Security Summit in Washington D.C. of April 12-132- the ...