2019 CPP Student RSCA


Cal Poly Pomona Student RSCA (Research, Scholarship, and Creative Activities) Conference

The summaries posted to this collection are from the 2019 Cal Poly Pomona Student RSCA (Research, Scholarship, and Creative Activities) Conference on March 1, 2019. When available, presentations, papers and posters have been included.


Office of Undergraduate Research
California State Polytechnic University, Pomona
Building 1, Room 110
3801 West Temple Avenue, Pomona CA 91768
Phone: 909-869-5296
Email: our-cpp@cpp.edu


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Recent Submissions

  • Castillo, Serena; Esparza, Alejandro; Kuo, Chang-Hong; Nocedal, Arol; Pitawanakwat, Alexander (2020-03-30)
    This project is part of a multi-year senior project, Aeroelastic Inflight Power Generation (AIPG), consisting of multiple teams working toward creating a 3D printed UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) to harness the power generated ...
  • Dela Paz, Adriel; Zadeh, Pasha Beglar; Rounsefell, Kristi; Huang, Renrong; Keil, Gordon (2020-03-30)
    A hashing algorithm is a one-way encryption mathematical function that takes in a set of data and condenses it to an output of a fixed size called the message digest (hash). It has many applications in computing systems, ...
  • Magana, Hailey; Estrada, Johnny; Munguia, Raul (2020-03-30)
    Photos require a color palette and a file that maps locations of every pixel. Storing these files onto an FPGA allows easy photo manipulation. Research conducted for a multi-photo build required the Nexys 4 DDR FPGA. Using ...
  • Hu, Changcan (Benjamin); Walker, Macade; Swanson, Andrew (2020-03-30)
    Unicorn Run is a project that is implemented as an arcade-style video gaming on a FPGA board. To enhance and practice our prior hardware description language knowledge, we coded a game by using a Verilog, which heavily ...
  • El-Issa, Rafed (2020-03-30)
    Modern day technology's consistently fast development is no longer a surprise to the users and consumers of it. The sheer speed at which technology develops has numbed citizens' to its continued improvements, creating an ...