JET #3, Fall, Vol. 2, September 2012


Journal of East-West Thought (Fall, #3, Vol. 2, September 2012)

Journal of East-West Thought (JET) is published by the International Association for East-West Studies (IAES, http://www.iaesonline.org/ ). As a scholarly peer-reviewed and printed journal dedicated to advancing constructive, creative, critical, theoretical and forward-looking thoughts and ideas in East-West studies, it provides a forum for interdisciplinary, cross-cultural, global, and philosophical examinations of all subject matters within East-West studies. JET's ISSN is 2161-7236 (Print) and 2168-2259 (Online). Website is http://www.cpp.edu/~jet/. This collection includes articles from the Fall #3 issue, volume 2, from September 2012.


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