Journal of East-West Thought


Journal of East-West Thought

Journal of East-West Thought (JET) is published by the International Association for East-West Studies (IAES, http://www.iaesonline.org/ ). As a scholarly peer-reviewed and printed journal dedicated to advancing constructive, creative, critical, theoretical and forward-looking thoughts and ideas in East-West studies, it provides a forum for interdisciplinary, cross-cultural, global, and philosophical examinations of all subject matters within East-West studies. JET's ISSN is 2161-7236 (Print) and 2168-2259 (Online). Website is http://www.cpp.edu/~jet/. Since the Inaugural Issue (December 2011) , JET has published eleven issues and articles of a wide range of celebrated philosophers and authors, including Jürgen Habermas, Thomas Pogge, Robert Cummings Neville, William L. McBride, Vencent M. Colapietro, Josef Seifert, Zhang Longxi, Kwong-loi Shun, Chung-ying Cheng, and more.

JET welcomes diverse theories and methods, promoting dialogue on various philosophical, ethical, aesthetical and methodological issues, problems, and themes in the natural sciences, social sciences, humanities, and other fields, including economics, political science, law, business, engineering, and the arts. JET aims to combine Western and non-Western perspectives to construct an integrative and cosmopolitan perspective that will benefit an international community of educators.

JET will be published quarterly: Spring (March), Summer (June), Fall (September), and Winter (December). Each issue of JET will contain approximately 130-150 pages.


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Recent Submissions

  • Seifert, Josef (International Association for East-West Studies (IAES, http://www.iaesonline.org/), 2017-03)
    I fell in love with philosophy very early. A decisive event and great gift in my life was that the great philosopher Dietrich von Hildebrand, one of the most outspoken intellectual enemies of Nazi ideology,1 was a close ...
  • Seifert, Josef (International Association for East-West Studies (IAES, http://www.iaesonline.org/), 2017-03)
    In his excellent paper “Perfection and Imperfection of Josef Seifert’s Theory of Pure Perfections,” Rogelio Rovira has formulated with precision Anselm of Canterbury’s philosophical discovery of the pure perfections and ...
  • Rovira, Rogelio (International Association for East-West Studies (IAES, http://www.iaesonline.org/), 2017-03)
    “Now if cattle, horses or lions had hands and were able to draw with their hands and perform works like men, horses like horses and cattle like cattle would draw the forms of gods, and make their bodies just like the body ...
  • Cambronero, Marcelo López (International Association for East-West Studies (IAES, http://www.iaesonline.org/), 2017-03)
    In this text, I will sketch a brief outline of Josef Seifert’s philosophy as an introduction to the excellent volume that Journal of East-West Thought has so timely dedicated to his figure. The Austrian professor Josef ...
  • Buttiglione, Rocco (International Association for East-West Studies (IAES, http://www.iaesonline.org/), 2017-03)
    Does Seifert's personalism hold water? (1) The question is rather provocative but my answer will be clear: yes, it does. Not only it holds water but can be continued and stands in need of being continued. This paper will ...